How to use Active Screen on Coin98 Super Wallet

How to use Active Screen on Coin98 Super Wallet

Active Screen enables users to personalize the experience using the app.

With Active Screen, you can customize your launching screen when using the app. As not everyone wants to see their default home screen on Coin98, this gives you a chance to have a fresh experience as well as flexibility in adjusting your most favorite interface on the app.

Download and install Coin98 Super Wallet

Before we begin, you need to install or update our Coin98 Super Wallet to the latest version:

When everything is all set, let’s modify your world in Coin98 Super Wallet:

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super Wallet.

Step 2: At the Home screen, select More.

Step 3: In the Terminal Section, choose Active Screen.

Step 4: Swipe to choose your favorite screen: Home, Market, Swap, Browser, and Wallet. Then select Set Default.

Step 5: Relaunch Coin98 Super Wallet and enjoy!

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