How to use Token Issuer on Coin98 Super Wallet

What is Token Issuer

Token Issuer is a special tool that enables both Coin98 Exchange & Coin98 Super Wallet users to issue tokens on their favorite blockchains or even carry their names at their disposal. Currently, Coin98 has not charged any service fee on this tool, users just need to pay the network fee (gas) and immediately possess their own tokens in just a few minutes with no coding experience.

How to issue token on Token Issuer

Step 1: Open Coin98 Super Wallet & select More Scroll down and Select Token Issuer.

Step 2: Select the wallet address and the network that you wish to issue tokens. The address receiving the issued tokens. The system will automatically fill in the connected wallet address but you can still use another wallet address.

Step 3: Fill in the following information:

  • Logo: Click on the Logo icon to upload the token's logo.

  • Name: The name of the token

  • Symbol: The symbol of the token

  • Total supply: The total amount of tokens you wish to issue.

  • Decimals: The number of decimal places in the token's unit. The default is 18.

  • Token Burn & Token Mint: You can consider two options when issuing the token. You can choose or not choose both options but bear in mind that if you don't choose any, your initial aggregate supply will not be allowed to change.

Note: When issuing, the token issue fee is still charged on the connected wallet.

Step 4: The system will ask users to pay a network fee to issue tokens.

Users need to prepare enough fees for this step. If you agree, click Done on the pop-up confirmation.

You can click on the History icon to access the Token Issuer History. Click to copy the contract address.

Your tokens will automatically be added to the Custom Token and be displayed on the home screen. To send and receive tokens do the same steps as normal tokens.

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