How to Migrate Hot Wallets to Zen Card

Guide to migrate Hot wallet to Zen Card

Important Note: Please be aware that this process will replace any existing Wallet in the Zen Card with the migrated Wallet because each Zen Card can hold only one wallet. Therefore, make sure you back up the Seed Phrase and Private Key of the existing wallet in Zen Card in a safe place before migrating a wallet. After being replaced, you can only restore the replaced wallets by Seed Phrase or Private Key.


  • You must have Zen Card

  • Having Coin98 Super Wallet and a hot wallet created

  • Your phone must support NFC


Step 1: Access Migrate to Zen Card via the path: Home -> Manage Wallets -> Settings (top right button) -> Settings logo next to the dedicated wallet

Step 2: Select Migrate to Zen Wallet

Step 3: Click on Tap & hold Zen Card on the NFC scanner of the phone until the notification shows successful. Click on Check Your Zen Wallet to proceed

  1. The area where you tap to scan a card may vary depending on different phone models. It's advisable to look up the appropriate placement for NFC cards on your specific phone. For iPhones 10 and newer (e.g., iPhone 13, 14, 15), it's recommended to place the card horizontally on the upper half of the front side of the phone.

  2. The display for successful scans will differ between Android and iOS devices.

Step 4: You can now see the migrated Multichain wallet on Zen Card

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