Coin98 Finance

Price Stability

How does CUSD expand supply?

CUSD is a decentralized stablecoin that is fully collateralized by assets in reserve. In order to convert to 1 CUSD, a total of $1 worth of the collateralized assets must be sent into the CUSD Reserve smart contract. Specifically, in the initial phase, the collateral ratio to convert to 1 CUSD will be $1 worth of fiat-backed stablecoins - BUSD (on BNB Chain) and USDC (on Solana and Ethereum).

Redemption Ratio

All CUSD can be redeemed 1:1 directly for the previously collateralized stablecoin in reserve, which is the key mechanism allowing CUSD to achieve stability in the early stage.
In the CUSD mechanism, it is worth noting that converting other stablecoins into CUSD will be free of charge; meanwhile, a small fee of 0.5% is initially incurred on top of each redeeming transaction value and can be adjusted based on market conditions in the future.

CUSD Reserve

CUSD is fully backed by all the supported stablecoin assets sent to the CUSD Reserve smart contract. All backing assets are maintained in the contract to ensure that all users can redeem them at any time.

CUSD to Unlock The Power Within Coin98 Ecosystem

CUSD is primarily designed to be the bloodline across all existing and future products within Coin98 Ecosystem. It’s those utilities that attract actual organic demands for CUSD’s steady growth in the early phases. Thus, a set of robust infrastructures is constructed to adopt CUSD, such as :
· Native DeFi Hubs on each blockchain.
· A Native Cross-chain Bridge.
· A Multi-chain Token Launch Platform.
· A Multi-chain NFT Marketplace.
· … and more to come.
The inception of CUSD will unlock a seamless unified cross-chain liquidity flow among these products, and therefore, a true seamless cross-chain experience will be unveiled. This is an unrivaled, exclusive experience that Web3 users may find from no other single interface.
In addition, once the CUSD economy has developed to a certain level and achieved strategic advantages, external integrations and collaborations can be established to expand the adoption further.