How to use Coin98 Vault V2 with Coin98 Extension wallet


Install Coin98 Extension

If you are eligible to receive the tokens through Coin98 Vault, you have to install the Coin98 Extension first to connect wallets to

pageHow to install Coin98 Extension on Google Chrome

Restore your receiving addresses

Ignore this step if your receiving addresses are already active in the Manage Wallets section of the Coin98 Extension.

pageHow to synchronize Coin98 Super Wallet with Coin98 Extension

Prepare father tokens for gas fees

Coin98 Vault uses the father tokens of each blockchain as gas fees, so you have to have these tokens as fees to claim the tokens.

You can buy the native coins on CEXs like Binance, Kucoin,… and withdraw to the corresponding wallets to experience the product. For layer 2 blockchains like Boba, please convert ETH to the corresponding network to use it.

Note: You have to transfer each coin to the corresponding wallet on the correct blockchain.

How to claim the rewards with the Coin98 Extension Wallet

Step 1: Access Coin98 Vault’s homepage here. Then select Connect Wallet at the top right corner of the screen.

Step 2: Insert the password to connect your wallet.

Step 3: On the My Schedule section, check the coming distributed schedule. If it is the right time, select the Claim icon.

How to create your own Vault to distribute tokens with Vault V2

This feature is only available on the Coin98 Vault website, allowing users to create their vault to send or distribute the tokens. Here are the supported blockchains on Vault V2:

  • BNB Smart Chain

  • Viction

  • Polygon

  • Ethereum

  • Avax C-Chain

  • Fantom

  • Heco Chain

  • Ancient8

  • Celo

  • Arbitrum

To distribute tokens through your own vault, you who is the admin need to follow the stages below.

Stage 1: Create Profile

Step 1: Access Manage Profile to Create Profile --> Click on Create Profile button to create

Step 2: In the Vault Version 2.0, the Profile contains the Schedule and Amount. The admin needs to input the distribution time and the amount based on the syntax below:

  • Schedule Format: yyyymmddhhmm?amount

  • yyyymmddhhmm: the time that the user can claim

  • amount: the amount of tokens that the user will receive at that time

Note: If there are multiple members who have the same Schedule and amount to claim, then the admin just needs to create one.

Tips: Copy 2 columns on Excel

  • First column: Schedule yyyymmddhhmm

  • Second column: amount

Stage 2: Create Vault

Step 1: Access Manage Vault to Create Vault --> Click on Create Vault button to create

Step 2: In Create Vault form, the admin fills the following information

  • Vault Name

  • Chain of Vault

  • Logo of Vault

After creating the Vault successfully, the Admin will need to transfer the Token into the Vault Contract Address. Otherwise, the receiver will not be able to claim tokens.

Only the tokens on the list below are supported on Admin Vault V2 and can be sent to Vault Contract. Kindly recheck the token list carefully before transferring any tokens into Vault Contract.



  • C98

  • VIC


BNB Chain

  • C98

  • CUSD

  • AURA

  • USDT

  • BUSD

  • USDC

  • INS



  • DNXC

  • IDIA

  • RACA


  • THG

  • RENA

  • DNFT

  • DAR

  • EBA

  • GSTS


  • OGS

  • GRBE

  • THE


  • C98

  • CUSD

  • USDC


  • C3


  • DAR

  • GF



  • JOE

  • USDC

HECO Chain

  • HUSD


  • C98


  • USDT








Stage 3: Create Schedule

Step 1: Access Manage Schedule to Create Schedule --> Click on Create Schedule button to create

Step 2: Admin will need to create Schedule for each Member/Receiver/Claimer.

In Vault Version 2.0, the Schedule will map the Vault Pool with the User’s address, then the user can claim the Vault based on the Time and amount in the User’s Profile.

Admin needs to fill in the following information



The Token & its chain that the user will receive


Choose the Vault Pool that user will claim. This Vault is filtered by Chain of Token above

Schedule Name & Description

Input the name & description


The address can claim this Vault

Message Notification

The Notification that user will receive in Coin98 Super Wallet

Schedule Data

Click on Import Profile button, then select the Profile that the user will claim

After the tokens are distributed, the receivers can claim through their Coin98 Vault

Note: If your Vault is on Version 1 or on Solana network, kindly switch to Version 1 to claim your tokens.

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